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About AMB Warranty, Inc.

AMB Warranty, Inc. started in 1990 with the premise that all metal building roof & panel manufacturers together with the end user (owner) were entitled to a high quality weathertight performance warranty for their premium panel profiles.

With that in mind, the Bennett Company, dating back to 1965, embarked on a journey to develop and offer to manufacturers and owners, the product we call the AMB SIGNATURE 2000 WARRANTY.

The AMB Signature Warranty

The AMB SIGNATURE 2000 WARRANTY is one of the few truly independent performance warranty programs in the United States and is backed by one of the most exhaustive inspection programs in the industry. The combination of the "Independent Third Party Inspection Program" and the financial backing of our AMB Group provides peace of mind for the manufacturer and the building owner.

What Makes AMB Warranty, Inc. the Top Choice for Metal Roof & Building Warranties?

  • AMB operates under a totally different concept as a matter of standard practice, committing more resources up front in quality control over any manufacturer's warranty program and experiencing no claims in North America. The Founder's up-front quality control concept has proven to be so successful that AMB has completed near 25-years with no claims to do with defects. While AMB provides good will assistance to clients, our assistance has not been required by any claims.
  • Company was founded in 1965 as Benco, near 50 years providing independent third party quality control engineering services and warranty services in the United States. In 1990 we became America BENCO International Group (AMB) and incorporated in state of Georgia as AMB Warranty, Inc. (AMB). For near 25-years we've furnished superior building and roof warranty products over all manufacturers.
  • For many years AMB has furnished building and roof warranty on United States Military establishments, enjoying high ratings.
  • AMB covers roof warranty services on some of the highest profile facilities in United States and off Shore, including the largest medical center in the U S, the Memorial Hermann Center, Houston Texas. Texas.
  • We represent many of largest metal building and roofing manufacturers in United States. Behind many manufacturer's warranty departments you will find AMB.
  • AMB is an international company covering a large spectrum of commercial and industrial company's installation's both in North America and off-shore.
  • In addition to warranty services, AMB provides Quality Control for several Roofing manufacturers in United States, including FABRAL, Inc. one of them.
  • An excellent service record and reputation have allowed AMB to experience continuing growth. Year after year for almost 50-years we've welcomed greater levels of new substantial business.
  • By not contracting with AMB for warranty coverage or quality control, you are immediately experiencing a loss!

Why is an AMB Warranty Better than a Manufacturer's Warranty?

Manufacturers are great at making products but can be very poor at furnishing and running warranty programs. In fact the majority operate with self serving actions, compromising quality control by placing sales of product over all other matters, and often do not honor their warranties as published. The entire professional design sector are moving towards independent third party services for quality control and longer long-term warranties because of bad experiences with manufacturer's warranties.

For some time manufacturers have been coming to AMB to issue and manage their warranty programs, recognizing their inability to manage warranty matters and the difficulties involved in doing so. This allows manufacturers to overcome the serious conflict of interest posed when marketing and at same time grading installations of their product for consideration of Warranty, a situation worsened when there have claims. Too often internal marketing and sales staff control the inspection process, but with priority to capture more orders of steel from contractor. This leads in ineffective inspections which negatively impact everyone involved.